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Social Media the Jugnoo Way via SoMeAnalyzer


As a social media consultant, I manage campaigns for clients, including writing blog posts, posting to all of the various social networks, watching search terms and responding to comments. When I first began, I would go into each individual network and log in to my clients’ accounts to manage their posts. Now, with Jugnoo, life is much simpler, and there are far more benefits. Since I started using the platform, I have found that I see the trends faster, put together appropriate responses much more efficiently and in general give my clients a better ROI bang for their social media buck.

I  absolutely adore the convenience features of Jugnoo. It saves me time, and I actually look forward to logging in to my clients’ accounts every day because it is fun to use as well. But there are plenty of tools out there, admittedly, which will make managing social accounts just as easy. They won’t, however, come with the kinds of data analysis tools that Jugnoo brings to the table.

In my off hours, I am a data geek. I love seeing how things fit together, and how changing one thing can affect everything else. I am, however, a writer by trade and to be honest, statistics was my least favorite subject in school. I love looking at the stats that someone else has put together, I don’t so much love working them out myself. Jugnoo seems to get that people who manage social campaigns want the data, but don’t have the time or resources to make it into something useful, so they’ve decided to do all the hard work for me.

In the same dashboard view that I use to manage the accounts, SoMeAnalyzer™ gives me access to an incredibly rich series of charts and stats that lets me track, in real time, how a post, a comment or a search term I’m using is doing. Jugnoo actually lets me track whether the overall sentiment to something is positive, negative or neutral, which lets me adjust my campaigns on the fly. It even lets me see a word cloud for any tab, meaning I can very, very easily see trending keywords and make sure I’m on-message.

And while those tools are amazing in support of my day-to-day management, Jugnoo decided I needed more, and gave me another section, the Visualizer, dedicated just to the data. Instead of seeing stats for just a single account or search term, from in that menu I can slice and dice the data in any way I want. I use it to compare performance across networks, and track the “bigger picture” numbers, like who my top followers are, what they are saying about me and how they access my content. I could – and I have – spent hours comparing the wide range of stats Jugnoo puts at my fingertips. It’s a massive amount of data sets that I really can fine tune to an amazing degree:

  • The sentiment charts
  • The word clouds and clusters
  • Comparing posting traffic across networks
  • Comparing the timing of posts across networks
  • How many people liked or shared my posts
  • Who my top fans are and which specific posts are they most excited about
  • How many followers do my top fans have themselves
  • What languages are my target audience using the most
  • How many times has my brand or company been mentioned in social media by someone else

And that is just the surface of the data points I use daily in Jugnoo, going in and filtering my stats by each of them, as well as by social network, campaign, even time of day. There really isn’t a limit here as to how wide or fine a net I can cast — it all depends on what I need to know in that moment, for what purpose. Knowing I have all that data at my fingertips whenever I need it has made my campaigns more successful over the long haul, which, at the end of the day, is my ultimate goal. And Jugnoo helps me get there in a way no other service I’ve tried.

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