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Throughout the course of my career, I have worked on a wide range of publications and projects. Below you’ll find a sample of some of the work I have done – but please don’t hesitate to ask for additional samples if you would like to see more of one specific type of work.

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Fool's Errand

A Fool’s Errand

When it comes to building sales numbers and winning long-term, loyal customers, for most dealers, it all starts with the lead. Read more
Future is Now

The Future Is Now

Leads and the processes that drive them are changing at a fast pace. Whether it’s obtaining leads or managing them once they filter into the dealership, technology is reinventing the landscape every time dealers pause to catch their breath. Read more

The New Old Guard

Even just a few years ago, if you attended any industry event, there would inevitably be a discussion at some point about the “old guard” among car dealers who were refusing to accept a rapidly changing landscape of lead generation and management. Read more
Randy Reed Automotive, Kansas City, Mo.

Contraceptive Controversy

When Randy Reed first read through the Affordable Care Act (ACA), he was not happy with what he found. Also known as “Obamacare,” President Barack Obama’s signature legislation ignited widespread debate over provisions that require employers to provide healthcare coverage, including birth control. Read more
Auto Express, Lafayette, Ind.

Independent Thinking

Across the nation, independent dealers like Gustavo “Gus” Camacho are capitalizing on a strong used-vehicle market spurred by longer-lasting vehicles, younger and thriftier buyers and competitive subprime lenders. Read more