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Memo to Spammers: Don’t Tread on Me!


Apr. 24, 2003 — To the Editor:

In “Internet Is Losing Ground in Battle Against Spam” (front page, April 22), a spammer named Alyx Sachs says: “These antispammers should get a life. Do their fingers hurt too much from pressing the delete key? How much time does that really take from their day?”

It is not just about pressing the delete key anymore. Now I have to scroll through 50 e-mail messages a day just to find the one or two that are from people I know and would like to correspond with. So instead of taking a few minutes to check my e-mail, I have to spend 10 minutes slogging through all of the junk that I didn’t ask for and don’t want before I can even begin to read the ones I do.

Opt-in or opt-out doesn’t work either. I have not visited any pornographic sites or asked to be on their lists, but two-thirds of the junk is from those types of companies and does not include any way for me to be taken off their lists. So I am forced to continue to receive messages that are not only annoying but offensive as well.

Spamming is not a legitimate business; it has made a chore out of something that was meant to be fun and useful.

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