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Long Island Printer Expands Prepress Workflow with ECRM Workmates


Spring 2008 — When Long Island’s Prestige Envelope and Lithographic needed to upgrade their prepress department, they were seeking reliablility. On the advice of a trusted plate distributor, they started their search at ECRM.

The commercial printer, which has a complete PDF workflow, has offered CTP for several years. However, in July of 2007 their aim was to expand their capabilities. ECRM’s WorkMates solution was exactly what they were looking for. According to Office and Prepress Manager Gregory Catanese, the WorkMates solution is far easier to use and far more reliable that anything the company has used before. “We now have a smoother workflow, with less mistakes,” he notes.

Critical to Client Satisfaction
This is an important factor, since the firm services a wide range of industries. Their clients range from financial firms, schools, charity groups, and designer fashion companies, to fragrance and food service corporations. Some clients are local, but many are national, requiring Prestige Envelope to compete with a much broader pool of shops.

And Prestige Envelope doesn’t just want to compete – it wants to be the best. They pride themselves on their service, stating on their Web site that, “Of all the issues facing print buyers, it is inevitable that service becomes the one area that creates a lasting business relationship. And service simply means doing what you promised, with the least amount of hassle, no matter what it takes.”

This extends to all areas of the business, from prepress through to their bindery and shipping departments. In fact, Prestige Envelope pledges to its customers that, when it comes to prepress, they strive to have the most up-to-date technology, continue to cut down on front-end cycles, and constantly improve customer service levels.

WorkMates for Commercial Printers
WorkMates allows commercial printers to introduce a digital workflow to their prepress environment. With WorkMates, printers can automate basic and complex prepress tasks, such as PDF file creation, imposition, ripping, proofing and imaging plates. The end result is effortless job management. ECRM WorkMates also enables a printer to automate specific tasks, enhance productivity, and allows compatibility with standard file formats. WorkMates is easily expandable and user-friendly. For Prestige Envelope, WorkMates helps automate production of their many offerings, while enabling them to capture each job digitally.

Two Decades of Demand
The shop, which has been in business for more than 20 years, specializes in corporate merchandizing products, brochures, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and invitations. As with any shop, one department can elevate the rest to do their best and better. With the WorkMates solution now steadily entrenched, Prestige Envelope and Lithographic has ensured its prepress department is helping the rest of the operation attain new heights and continue its path of steady growth.

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