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Been a Busy Last Few Months

I know it’s been a while since I checked in, but that’s because it has been a very busy last few months as I have been getting this new business of mine off the ground. I have been working with a few new clients, and I have several more in the works that I hope to be able to tell you more about in time! For now though, I wanted to share a look at one of the clients I’ve been working on with Premier VEBA (PVEBA) – Gloria’s Total Beauty Salon & Spa. Here is the text from their latest Project Spotlight, highlighting what we did, and what Gloria has to say about it. You can also go view it on PVEBA’s site, with images, at

When Gloria Washington-Mines, owner of Gloria’s Total Beauty Salon & Spa, had several rounds of bad experiences trying to get her Website redesigned and her social media campaigns off the ground, she was frustrated. She had tried to do it herself then, but found that she couldn’t run her business and manage the social aspects at the same time alone. Via a recommendation, she contacted Premier VEBA in the hopes of finding partners she could rely on.

“I felt so comfortable speaking with Dana [Schomp, founder, Premier VEBA],” said Washington-Mines. “She understood where I was at in my business, and understood my frustration with people not delivering. Dana just let me know ‘don’t worry, I’ll take care of you, I’ll take you from a-z.’”

Schomp put together a team to first address a complete redesign of Washington-Mines’ Website, throwing out everything and starting from scratch. Then the team took over the social media, launching a weekly blog, promotions to social accounts, even helping to plan a customer appreciation day.

“They identified with what I was feeling, and the desperation that was going on,” Washington-Mines said. “So many others were trying to vie for my time, sending me emails and seeing the old site, and they wanted to get my business. But I just wasn’t comfortable; I spoke to Dana and there was a comfort there, and I knew I was dealing with the right team. She was more excited for me than I was for myself.”

And her new site and social media are getting attention. Washington-Mines said that in the first few weeks, she had customers raving about the redesigned site. She is seeing an increase in activity from places like Facebook and Twitter, where she had a presence that wasn’t being utilized to their full potential previously.

“I love where we are now,” noted Washington-Mines. “I love my site, I’m bragging about it, telling people to go look at it. I never told anyone about my Website before – I was hiding that I had a Website. Now I’m running my mouth about it, I absolutely love it. And my clients love it – they’re sitting with their tablets and phones looking at it while they’re in the salon, and they are so proud of it. Most of them have been lifelong clients and they’re so proud of where we’re going. I am really liking the social media as well. I was not responding back to Facebook or Twitter or anything; I didn’t have a wall post or anything, and I didn’t know where to start. That’s not what I specialize in, not what I do. Dana and her team got me right on track and more visible. People are coming, and saying on social media that they like my pages.”

At the end of the day, Premier VEBA is helping Washington-Mines build her business. Websites and social media are just one piece of the puzzle, and by taking them on, she can focus on what she does best – running her salon.

“I want to be able to be in my business, have it be run without me being physically there if I don’t want to. That’s my goal,” Washington-Mines said. “I want to run a really successful, high-class team who’s values, morals and standards are so excellent people will have to wait for months to get appointment. That is what I would love to see – being so exceptional that I’ll just be talked about. I haven’t reached that goal yet, but Dana has promised she’ll help me there. It has taken me 14 years, but I will finally get there.

“When people ask me about it, I’m going to say I met Dana and her team, partnered with me and helped me to get my business where I needed it,” she continued. “They really made me feel good, not worrying about the part they’re going to do. I can relax and let them handle it, and worry about what I need to do in the salon. They told me ‘we’re here, you don’t have to worry anymore and to help take your business to the next level and beyond.’ That’s what they made me feel like, and so far everything they’ve said they are going to do, and then some – things I didn’t even think about – have been great ideas. I would recommend Premier VEBA; actions speak louder than words, and I can’t say enough about them.”

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